When Headache and Neck Pain Come Together

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Published: 26th July 2007
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There are plenty of reasons why you might be having headache and neck pain in conjunction with one another, so it is difficult to identify what exactly is causing the problem. As a result, appropriate treatment also becomes difficult. The causes of headache coupled with neck pain range from anything as mild as tension in your upper back and neck muscles to something as serious as meningitis. For this reason, it is important to evaluate your headache and neck pain accurately by taking your temperature and trying to touch your chin to your chest. If you have a fever or your neck is so stiff that you can't touch your chin to your chest, you may require immediate medical help as these are typical signs of meningitis - an extremely serious disease that needs urgent action.

Meningitis Excluded

If having evaluated your condition by the above means you come to the conclusion that you have a normal temperature and you can touch your chin to your chest, in spite of feeling discomfort when doing so, you should look at some of the milder symptoms and causes of headache and neck pain. One common type of headache is tension headache, i.e. pain in the head caused by muscles that are so tight that they can generate both headaches and neck pain.

When headaches come together with eye pain and neck pain, it can also be a sign of too much working at a computer. Therefore, working at a computer for long periods of time should be done with care. Keep your monitor, keyboard and mouse at appropriate heights and angles to ensure healthy usage. You should also evaluate your posture carefully to guarantee that your headaches and neck pain are not associated with poor posture. Additionally, take some time to stretch and exercise these areas of the body properly every day to prevent or relieve problems. If you work at a computer all day make sure you take regular breaks, even if they have to be short, at least every 45 minutes.

Other Causes

Headache and stiff neck pain together can be caused even by normal daily activities such as the way you hold the telephone or the position in which you sleep. If in spite of your efforts to avoid strain the problem persists, and the pain does not get relieved by any over-the-counter pain killers, the best idea is to consult your doctor, even if you feel that the problem isn't serious. The origin of your headache and neck pain could be related to fibromyalgia or a herniated disk - both conditions requiring proper medical attention.

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